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Netflix to add Super HD and 3D content to its video service
Tuesday 08 January 2013 16:29:29 by Andrew Ferguson

When Netflix appeared on the UK scene 12 months ago it brought a very popular US based service to UK shores and now forms one of the applications that is driving demand for superfast broadband as households find out that faster broadband is needed for several people to watch films, catchup TV and play games at the same time.

Netflix offers its films at various quality levels with the service adapting to the ebb and flow of capacity on an individuals connection seamlessly, the amount of bandwidth needed is set to increase with the addition of new features which mean that 3D content will be available and new Super HD content. Super HD is designed to offer 1080p resolution but at a quality better than what is available on the service now, so we assume this means a bit-rate around the 8 Mbps to 10 Mbps region, rather than the maximum 5 Mbps that Netflix can use up to currently.

While doubling the bit-rate could be seen as likely to lead to an Internet meltdown, one way Netflix has avoided that so far is through peering and deployment of their CDN hardware Open Connect. In December Netflix published the average speeds for the major providers in the UK and IE, showing the average streamed speed for Netflix content.


Posted by Apilar over 4 years ago
10Mb/s 1080p would be nice. Regular Netflix HD looks awful.
Posted by MrZippy over 4 years ago
That's bizarre as I find the quality on Netflix HD really impresses me unless I'm right up close to the TV. I watch on Apple TV device, imagine quality varies between platforms and Internet speed. I was on 14meg ADSL, now on 40meg (sync speed) FTTC.

Anyway being on higher bit rate, my broadband can take it!
Posted by NICK_ADSL_UK over 4 years ago
netflix is of a very standard and my broadband is standard at 5meg soon to be upgraded to 15 meg when BT find the time to do so as is now overdue
Posted by Tanaka71 over 4 years ago
I used to consistently get "x-high/hd" on my PS3 up until last autumn. It would stream at around 6-7Mbs, and the picture was very good indeed. Then "high/hd" became the norm, which was acceptable, but not quite as sharp. 4-5Mb/s.

Looks like "x-high/hd" is back. :)
Posted by Tanaka71 over 4 years ago
There are some picture comarisons here, of what "X-High" used to be like.
Posted by kingmustard over 4 years ago
I'm with Plusnet, who are crappy because they're one of the only ISPs that still cap their service (250 GB p/m). Even at the current resolution/bitrate, our house (of two people) still uses 100 GB of the 250 GB just using Netflix. "Super HD" will kill our bandwidth cap :(
Posted by Tanaka71 over 4 years ago
@kingmustard I thought Plusnet was unlimited now?
Anyway, you can limit the quality settings on your Netflix account should you wish.

Something has to give though... we are regularly running two simultaneous HD streams in our household too. As more households do this, the price ISP's pay BT Openreach is bound to come under pressure.
Posted by kingmustard over 4 years ago
@Tanaka71 They certainly are not unlimited. They have a 250 GB p/m cap, and less on their slower services. It simply isn't enough these days, not with multiple people sharing a Wi-Fi connection, using HD streams, downloading apps/games on their phones/tablets that are several hundreds MB, using iTunes to download HD films, HD TV shows, music, using YouTube to stream HD videos etc.
Posted by arundel over 4 years ago
Some actual content on the UK Netflix without having to resort to workarounds would be nice first!
Posted by ian72 over 4 years ago
@kingmustard I'm afraid you are out of date. Plusnet launched unlimited just before Xmas. If you want it then you need to log into your account and move to the new package. Check out the website and you'll see the details. And you'll find Plusnet are one of a handful that do true unlimited rather than one of the few that don't.
Posted by acpsd775 over 4 years ago
@kingmustard can confirm plusnet are now defo unlimited i placed an upgrade order last night via my account panel was waiting for my join offer to expire
Posted by kingmustard over 4 years ago
I only began the contract around 3 months ago, argh. I'll look into upgrading.
Posted by NetGuy over 4 years ago
remember if you get any discount pricing to consider waiting... I'm on ordinary 60 GB ADSL and billing date is 18/01 so not long to go now bfore I get price reduction and switch to unlimited too

(Changes on PN take place on billing date, switching to the unlimited accounts invokes new contract min 12 months ADSL and 18 months for Fibre)
Posted by lasse1234 over 4 years ago
Super HD is 4000x4000 and not lousy 1024!
Posted by lasse1234 over 4 years ago
Sorry I take that back that is ultra HD!
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