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T-Mobile in trials to use ADSL as data backhaul for 3G base stations
Thursday 17 January 2008 19:02:44 by Andrew Ferguson

It seems a little odd at a time when 3G data services are starting to compete with fixed line ADSL services that T-Mobile in Germany has completed a trial that used ADSL to provide the back haul link for data.

The Register suggests that this technique, but using ADSL2+, may start to be used in the UK. T-Mobile, if it were to employ xDSL services, would hopefully not be using the common £20 to £30 products but rather would be renting business grade low contention services which can cost a few hundred pounds a month for guaranteed low levels of contention.

Mobile providers who are pushing their data services need to be careful to ensure that cost savings do not impact heavily on the quality of service. We are seeing more and more people considering abandoning their fixed line telephone services and subscribing to a 3G data service so the contention on each 3G base station is probably increasing quickly. If the lower cost backhaul leads to more base stations in an area it could, by reducing the number of users on each base station, lead to improvements in signal coverage and better speeds.


Posted by Foggy_UK over 9 years ago
If any of the 3G providers was to go down this road it would make sence for them to install their own xDSLAM akin to a LLU provider would, only that thay would provide backhaul for their needs from that exchange area. If a base station isn't covering a large area I can't see why xDSL couldn't be used as long as the 3G operator has full control of the curcuit.
Posted by Foggy_UK over 9 years ago
This could be a very cost efective way to backhaul 3G data in a city where any number of base stations are required in a very small geographical area and where there is the hard to reach areas such as inside buildings.
Posted by Foggy_UK over 9 years ago
What I find funny is thinking of a name for the multiple-encapsulation used, would it be... IPoATMoIPoATM ? hell of a way to waste bandwidth. :)
Posted by greedy4 over 9 years ago
in an area miles from an exchange, the adsl connection won't be at a good level, add to this a lot of end users using a 3g modem for their main internet and I can see contention occurring
Posted by AndrueC over 9 years ago
Wtf? Just when 3G is being touted as a rival-in-waiting to ADSL they decide to use ADSL for backhaul.

Sometimes I think this industry is run by muppets.

For the other five minutes I'm uncertain :D
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
confirms my view that 3G data is contended up to its eyeballs.
Posted by kev445 over 9 years ago
ADSL can be 1:1 contention!
Posted by martinsaunders over 9 years ago
Don't forget they've been using 'DSL' for mobile backhaul for years. Just it comes in the flavor of HDSL, uses multiple pairs and presents a 2Mb leased line..

This seems a perfectly sensible progression of using more advanced technology that better fits their future bandwidth requirements. As has been mentioned though, they'll need slightly more control over the end to end network than you get with IP-Stream. LLU will be fine for this assuming you can find someone who'll sell you a quality service (harder than it sounds in the UK!).
Posted by AndrueC over 9 years ago
Uncontended ADSL is expensive unless you have an LLU operator and we all know how much of the country they serve. Oh but, wait! Looks like those of you living out in back-woods might lose out again.


That'll make a change.
Posted by c_j_ over 9 years ago
Readers who had wondered about using 3G as an emergency backup to their DSL might want to think about that again if this bright idea is rolled out in the UK.

As others have pointed out, this looks better in LLU-served areas than out in the sticks. Guess which areas already had half decent 3G coverage (albeit "contended to hell")? Guess which areas get no benefit from this proposal?

Martin, what's the workable cable distance for HDSL? Much less than ADSL iirc. So it brings its own challenges.
Posted by PeteK over 9 years ago

Out of town bases would be delivered on microwave/infrared/laser links (as many currently are) so the no adsl in this area should be a none issue..
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