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AOL Broadband now offering a free Sony PlayStation 3
Monday 26 November 2007 17:43:13 by Andrew Ferguson

The free laptop offer from AOL Broadband launched in September 2007 is continuing and has been expanded. The latest offer is a free Sony PlayStation 3, for those signing up to AOL Broadband Wireless Plus.

Of course, something like a PS3 for free does come with some conditions. The service has a 24 month contract and requires you to sign up to an AOL Talk call plan (the Pay As You Go Plan is included in the £19.99 bundle). For those not in an area that AOL has unbundled the monthly fee increases by £10.

One possible source for confusion is the wording "Yours to keep forever * Provided you are provisioned with AOL Broadband". This refers to the 24 month contract period, and means so long as you keep your broadband with AOL Broadband, you get to keep the PS3 after the 24 months.


Posted by bt-tommy over 9 years ago
Well where have we heard that old chestnut before..??? Reminiscent of the fanta colored con (sorry offer) that never was provisionable and the one last year(they talk,talk about what we would get.Just stick to what you've got,if your current service wants to compete they can reduce their price or give you extra services.
I think we should go back to having phone service from a phone company, tv from a tv company, burgers from a (well maybe not).
If a new provider works out for you then great..
but dont forget the financial implications and contracts etc. if it doesn't!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
LMFAO... So lets call that...

£29.99 x 24 months = £719.76

Or in other words thats £359.88 (which is roughly what a PS3 costs)

Then another £359.88 for the broadband (at £14.99 a month) LOL, Just what part of this is meant to be a massive bargain????

Thanks but no thanks if i want a PS3 id go buy one and sign up to some ISP for 15 quid a month with a clear defined limit and monthly contract and be free to leave as i wish.
Posted by wispy over 9 years ago
I guess if you decide to cancel after the first month, it may take the remaining 23 months to remove the dreaded AOL software from your PC ....

Thanks but no thanks!
Posted by CaptainW over 9 years ago
@whispy ......... I think the last time I read AOL's T&C's you give away your rights for the next 24 years for their software to be installed on youer PC LOL :P
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 9 years ago
You don't actually need the AOL software these days
Posted by whatever2 over 9 years ago
"Free" would suggest it is being given to you, something for the ASA considering they want it back if you leave?

They'll probably say it's rented free...but then as there's no paid rental agreement then that's a little moot.

what happens if you damage it or the PS3 fails during the period of (non?) ownership.

It's high time the ASA and Ofcom stamped out these open ended advertisings..

Posted by chrysalis over 9 years ago
Its quite amusing the big isps all have to have long contract terms, a long contract term is typically needed when they dont have enough faith in their own product that the customer will not voluntarily leave after the min term, and now giving away freebies such as PS3s and laptops its clear investment is going into sales not quality of service.
Posted by nitebot over 9 years ago
Well the problem as I see it is that AOL and TalkTalk are now sister ISPs. But TalkTalk phone and broadband is a hell of a lot cheaper than AOL Talk and Broadband. The AOL walled garden no longer has the appeal it once did, so AOL suddenly looks like it's lacking in value hence all the freebies.
Posted by simond over 9 years ago
Most of us here when something is said to be free, think "yeah right" and go investigate. The average Joe knows nothing about ADSL, has very limited pc knowledge (as in whats actually going on when its turned on). SO when someone says you can get broadband a free phone line and a FREE PS3 they think the worlds gone mad.

If we lived in an ideal world everyone would be on a provider like Zen and the other decent isps. I dont classify CarPhone Warehouse as a decent isp. And yes as sad as it is the world is full of gulible numpties.
Posted by pdadpaul over 9 years ago
how wonderful aol are, not only are they offering a ps3 with their fantastic broadband, they have just offered me up to 8mg for the same price that i pay for 1.1mg £24.99,hang on a minute they offer that speed for £14.99 perhaps even less, are they taking the p***
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