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NTHell carries on with statement from NTL MD

nthellworld the purveyors of fine customer care have a second update from Aizad Hussain the MD of ntl:home on the recent Acceptable Use Policy. The MD's original statement is available on NTLWorld here.

The statement confirms that the reason for introducing the limits was that it would be uneconomic to carry on without them - this does suggest that the price cut from £50 to £35 of the 1Mbps service may have been one cut too far. It would appear that NTL have already seen a change in useage patterns as they say "In most cases, customers have simply altered their behaviour", which is very fast for the customers and for NTL to have analysed the results since Friday when the AUP changed.

There is one area of the statement that people particularly those from the ADSL side of the fence are taking issue with: The references to BT Broadband and their launch almost one year ago. The actual facts are, BT Broadband 'no frills' announced in April 2002, but they did not have a website for taking orders until June 2002. Lets hope NTL dont think that 0.6GB is the same as 1GB soon, since they obviously think 7 months is almost a year. Additionally the massive difference was that their 1GB/day limit is only on a 512kbps service and was not announced retrospectively when people were in mid contract, but at least 2 months before the service was available. Also BT Retail has yet to announce the costs of exceeding their guidance limit, or as far as we are aware officially warn anyone about breaching it.

It is should also be pointed out that, ADSL is not just available from BT Retail, there are over 100 Providers reselling the BT Wholesale ADSL packages. The vast majority of which have no restrictions.

So what is going to happen in NTL land, are all the heavy downloaders just going to downgrade package and get the 128kbps service or will they all leave for pastures new? A lot of users will have little idea how much bandwidth they will use, and when potential users are weighing the pros and cons this may be straw that puts them off. The reality is, will the capping save NTL money or will it result in decreasing revenues at a time when the company is trying to maximise revenue per customer. The only difference now between the 3 cable packages is that the 0.5Mbps and 1Mbps deals can run at faster burst rates than the 128kbps service.


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