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New exchange problems - further updates

Apart from Paddock Wood where the problems seem to continue, the other exchanges currently appear to be working again, and in some cases have been running since Saturday.

The list of exchanges that have being affected by this problem are Kesgrave, Leek, Irby, Penn, Pembury, Bishops Waltham, Ponteland, Paddock Wood, Ponteland and Twyford. No single fault has caused the problems, apparently the faults were down to a range of issues over the weekend

BT Wholesale is attempting to contact people to ascertain that they now have a problem free service. If you are on one of these exchanges, and are still experiencing problems, then we advise you to contact your ISP. All the ISPs should have been sent an update on the problems today.

BT staff have been working around the clock over the weekend, and if required they will work throughout the Christmas period to clear the ongoing problem at Paddock Wood.

It should be stressed that not all the faults have been on the BT side, so before contacting your ISP check you have configured your modem correctly. To help in this, we would recommend looking at the Questions & Answers section of our site, in particular for new users of a self-install service, read the self-install section.

If unclear on anything to do with configuring your modem, simply ask question in the ADSL Hardware forum.


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