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Bishops Waltham can not wait

It seems the population of Bishops Waltham is in a rush to get broadband. They were at the top of the league of untriggered exchanges but have this morning gained the four registrations needed.

Meanwhile it is worth pointing out that Inverness Culloden was the first of the Scottish exchanges to reach its trigger last night. The website Broadband for Business has more on this including a statement from Brendan Dick the BT Scotland General Manager.

Unfortunately it is not all good news Merthyr Tydfil may have reached its all important trigger, but ISPs are seeing worrying signs that the trigger was met by use of under hand tactics. Using a phone book and creating fake Hotmail accounts will not get your local exchange ADSL enabled - ISPs will need to contact customers to ensure they are valid as part of the 42 Advance Order phase. If we continue to see 'phonebookers' then it is entirely possible that ISPs or BT may make the registration process even harder, e.g. require submission of credit card details from day one.


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