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SDSL pricing from Eclipse released

Eclipse have today released their pricing for their SDSL services. Interestingly, when comparing to the Easynet LLU SHDSL prices, Eclipse are definitely cheaper for the install cost (by about £500!) and they are cheaper for the lower speed 512Kbps service, but Easynets’ prices slightly undercut for the higher speeds up to 2Mbps.

A summary of the Eclipse prices can be seen here:

Service Name Details Setup Cost Monthly Cost
SDSL Connect 250 256Kbps with 10:1 contention £475 £99
SDSL Connect 500 512Kbps with 10:1 contention £475 £150
SDSL Connect 1000 1Mbps with 10:1 contention £475 £222
SDSL Connect 2000 2Mbps with 10:1 contention £475 £340

These prices relate to a fair saving over a leased line, which could cost more than double the prices quoted here, depending on distance.


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