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C2 Internet announce SDSL product range

C2 Internet have been very fast off the mark with their SDSL services. The new product range is based around BT, Bulldog and FibreNet SDSL product ranges. This joint solution gives around fifty exchanges at this time that can provide the service, BT and Bulldog in London and Fibrenet at various places around the country. With more exchanges due to have SDSL capability added.

SDSL is a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which means you get the same bandwidth in both directions. Combine this with good SLAs and a QoS that approach or meet leased line standards and the target market of small businesses is obvious. The range of SDSL is dependant on the product used, but ranges of upto 5.5km over the copper loop are possible, BT estimate the 2Mbps service will run out to around 1.6km and 256kbps out to 3.9km.

Price wise initially it looks expensive, but once you remember that the contention ratios are 1:1, 5:1 or 10:1 and compare the pricing to leased lines, it suddenly looks more attractive. The price range is around £105/month for a 256kbps line, rising to £430/month for a 2Mbps line on the BT products. Fibrenet will do a 2Mbps line at 1:1 contention for £767/month to £971 depending on the area of the country.


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