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Kesgrave has reached its trigger level

Kesgrave in Suffolk, has just reached its trigger level of 350 registrations. This makes it the seventh exchange to reach its trigger target. Now the task of ISPs contacting the registrants and confirming their interest in an ADSL connection begins and carries on for 6 weeks, with a prevailing wind the target of 75% Advance Orders will be met and the exchange can go onto the build stage.

Where people try to register with an ISP now, the ISP will place a registration and immediately get this confirmed as an advance order. This means a campaigns task is not over, but can continue with a proper target date to work to now.

Forum users and campaign managers are voicing concerns over ISPs not chasing users to confirm whether they want to order ADSL. At present the list of ISPs actively chasing potential customers during the Advance Order phase is Allcomm, Business Serve, Eclipse, Frontier Internet, Internet Central, Mailbox, Nildram, Vispa and Zen.

If you are an ISP and are actively collecting Advance Orders for the triggered exchanges then contact us at [email protected] and we can spread the word.


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