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More registration problems...

St Budeaux has hit its trigger point, normally this would be good news. But yesterday the exchange was sitting on 70 registrations as reported at, now it has apparently gained almost 300 registrations overnight.

So for twice in the same week BT will be asking ISPs to check their registrations and remove any ones that appear fake.

Continual abuse of the registration system is set to only force BTs hand and actually withdraw the scheme and introduce another scheme. This would probably introduce another 6 month gap in the ADSL rollout, or BT will stop listening to users and just enable exchanges as when it feels like it.

There is a slight chance that the registrations are what a local campaign has been building up and submitted via a single ISP last night, but that seems unlikely.

A message for those who think false registrations are a good idea. It may bring publicity to your area, but given that at least 75% of registrants MUST undertake to order the service you are just delaying the date when your exchange will be enabled.


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