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Migration trial to end...

  • Thursday, September 26, 2002 12:08 PM
The long running migration trial that makes it easier to move between Service Providers is due to end on 28th October 2002. The good news is that it will transition into a real product at that time - the downside is there will be a £35 charge levied by BT Wholesale to the ISP you are moving to.

What is the migration process? Well if you want to switch Service Providers you normally have to cancel your existing service and get a new service activated. This process can take upto a month if you are unlucky. The Migration Process means the downtime should be measured in hours if it all goes well.

The Migration Process will work by the new ISP chasing your old ISP for your CBUK number or the user finding it out. This then is sent via email to BT Wholesale on an EU Migrations form who will then contact the old ISP. The old ISP is given 5 days to say yes or no to the migration, a none answer is considered to be a no and the migration is effectively cancelled.

This process is heavily dependant on whether the old ISP is willing to let a user leave or not, depending on your Terms and Conditions it may be that you are still under contract. Hopefully though we will see ISPs co-operating and making life reasonably easy for people who are out of contract to switch ISPs.

The cost is a bit higher than hoped, but there is a small chance that new ISPs may subsidise the cost in return for people signing a new 12 month contract for example. In some cases the cost of the migration at £35 is offset by the chance to move to a cheaper ISP or perhaps switching to a provider that offers a better package, e.g. blocks of static IP address at no extra cost, which if you were with BT Openworld previously would save you over £10 per month.


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