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Rough BT SDSL pricing

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2002 10:43 PM
After many weeks I have found time to go out and it seems my local Chinese restaurant has got a new batch of fortune cookies. The news bourne to me by todays fortune cookie is that the costs for the BT SDSL trial are certainly not in the realms of home users. The connection charge is likely to be £450 and a monthly fee of anywhere between £70 and £200, the price determined by what speed service you take.

The maximum speed that the SDSL service will deliver is 2Mbps both in the upstream and downstream directions.

In comparison with leased line pricing where a 2Mbps service can set you back £15,000 this looks quite attractive. The big question is whether the SDSL service going to be reliable enough to allow companies to replace their leased line with one.


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