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ET Global Solutions re-thinking its approach...

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2002 10:13 AM
ET Global Solutions released a short press release yesterday covering the current situation. An extract of which is "The company is now having to re-think its approach to the Internet Consumer & Business Market, and is now allowing individuals and businesses to sign up for the service on a monthly basis with a non-contractual agreement on the Internet Subscribers behalf."

This new none contract stance is not that uncommon, a number of ISPs have simple one month minimum term systems, it can be done fairly safe in the knowledge that consumers are not going to change ISPs every month as this involves a complete cease/provide cycle and another activation fee at this time.

ET Global Solutions are offering customers who signed up between 25th July 2002 and 31st August 2002 full refunds which will apparently take upto 21 days to appear on the credit card statement.

A number of customers have now started to pursue for a refund via their credit cards, which is perfectly understandable as consumers generally want to get problems resolved quickly.

The lesson for other companies trying to break into the ADSL consumer market is make sure your systems are in place and tested by the time you create the website and start taking orders.


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