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Alcatel upgrades causing problems? Or are they downgrades?

Alcatel are currently carrying out some upgrades at BT ADSL exchanges as we detailed on 6th September. Unfortunately reports are starting to mount from users of different ADSL modems that the hardware they own can longer maintain a connection to the exchange. In addition Zen Internet are reporting that they are seeing users with packet loss and authentication problems after the upgrades.

At this time the hardware that users are reporting problems with is the Netgear DG814 and Solwise SAR-715. Prior to the upgrades the users had had reliable connections, but now they cant connect or connect for very short times. ADSL line faults have been ruled out as some of them retain old Alcatel USB ADSL modems which still work. If you think you may be affected do report the problem to your ISP and contribute to the thread in our forums here.

Hopefully Alcatel will be able to look at the problem and come up with a solution, precisely what has changed is unclear at this time. If Alcatel or any ISP has any useful information on the matter feel free to contact us.

Problems like this with upgrades raises the question of how much testing BT Wholesale does with respect to DSLAM providers changing firmware. The SAR-715 was previously tested and proved to work well on the Alcatel A1000 and AR1000 DSLAMs.


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