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AAISP launch new Firebrick FB2900 network appliance

Broadband firewalls for business and prosumer use are not the most sexy bits of hardware in the world but with AAISP launching its new Firebrick FB2900 it is time to highlight a UK engineered and built solution.

The Firebrick range is much more than just a box with more complex firewall options than most broadband routers, it adds bonding, VPN support and a VoIP PABX to highlight a few key areas and of course proper IPv6 support. The new FB2900 adds the following features compared with the older FB2700 model

  • SFP port for true fibre connectivity, will with a copper SFP too
  • More memory and faster processor, doubling throughput to around 750 Mbps
  • An analogue true random number generator, assisting with strong cryptography
  • Redesigned power supply (15W consumption) with optional 48V/24V/12V DC power versions
  • Colour LED for showing failover conditions
  • Optional rack mount kit either 1 FB2900 or 2 units next to each other in 1U height

The higher throughput may have some saying that this is still not a Gigabit but doing everything the Firebrick can do in terms of firewall means the 750 Mbps is pretty impressive for the price point.

Pricing is £550 + VAT for a fully loaded FB2900 which is £200 less than the previous model, the base model is £500+VAT but you don't get things like IPsec with IKEv2 or the L2TP server with local or RADIUS based authentication. For those who need something larger capable of handling thousands of customers there is the FB6000 which is the range we use on our Broadband Quality Monitor (FB6102 version).

We have also just updated the allowances and pricing for the Andrews & Arnold broadband packages that we list, with the Home::1 FTTP Terabyte package being added with £100 setup and £50 a month for an up to 76 Mbps download, up to 19 Mbps service on a 12 month contract.


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