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Help for ET Global Solutions customers

ADSLguide has spoken with Don Day from ET Global Solutions about the issues and concerns raised by customers in our forums. The aim was to try and find out where the problems are and to arrive at a solution which gets people online and using ADSL with the provider they ordered from.

The original news item we ran about their £18.95 service caught ET Global Solutions on the hop, they had not intended for the news to go public so early - but alas, someone found the website, and with such a low headline price, we could not avoid adding it to our news. The result of the publicity (both from ADSLguide and 3rd party websites) meant that the company wasn't ready to deal with the 1,500 enquiries made within a two week period. The upshot of this is that many users who have placed orders during the two week period have not received ADSL service or were sent the wrong hardware.

In an effort to resolve these problems, which should only be affecting a relatively small number of customers, ET Global Solutions has agreed to implement a system similar to what we have done in the past for other providers, i.e. if you are having major problems then to email us (in this case [email protected]) and we will forward the email onto ET Global Solutions. To ensure ET Global can identify you in their systems we will need your name/ADSL lines phone number/contact email address/product ordered/date ordered/method of ordering - plus a short note describing your current situation reference the order.

One thing that has been clarified is the £22.45, 40:1 contention product, this is still based around the BT IPStream 500 service with its 50:1 contention ratio, but the intention is to run this 40:1 service on a different gateway to the 50:1 users. This effectively segregates the Peer2Peer traffic onto its own pipe. The contention level of 40:1 relies on the fact that BT are under contending at the majority of exchanges (we are only aware of one exchange which is officially said to be at the 50:1 limit, but there is some doubt surrounding this issue) therefore the largest contention point is generally the connections into the ISP network from BT (which ISPs have full control over).

NOTES: This only covers users who are having problems prior to activation or those with missing hardware who are already activated. Problems with the service (if already activated) should go via the normal support channels at ET Global.


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