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Cheaters found out...

It would appear that after investigation by BT Wholesale and various Service Providers, it was decided that at least some of the registrations on the Todmorden and Westhoughton exchanges were bogus.

To that effect the Service Providers involved have withdrawn the bogus registrations from the BT system - which gives Todmorden 152 registrations and Westhoughton just 96 now. These changes have not yet made it through to the public system, which is invariably a few hours behind the internal systems at BT. BT is likely to be accussed of fiddling the figures to ensure no exchanges hit the trigger point, but to anyone who saw the massive jumps these two exchanges exhibited must agree it looked very likely that someone with a phonebook and multiple email accounts was at work.

It is worth reminding people who are thinking up of new schemes to fake demand - at least 75% of the registrations must convert to firm orders within 6 weeks of the trigger point been reached.


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