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Week 7 - Another leap into the unknown

Last week saw a large leap in the number of registrations, the number of exchanges with 100 registrations now reaches down to position number 17. The unknown quantity is exactly what happens once an exchange reaches its trigger, e.g. during the 6 weeks of taking orders will all the ISPs actually take orders and pass them on - or will some turn down orders because the checker still stays no. If the latter happens then the 75% of orders needed will be much harder to be sure of.

The large rises were down to bulk input of data from ISPs who are getting into the swing of things now, but if the scheme is to appeal to those beyond the already enlightened community then the large ISPs like Freeserve and AOL need to take the scheme onboard.

This week has seen a new number one - Kesgrave in Suffolk, it seems the BT staff living in that area are trying to get ADSL for themselves at last, a frustrating situation as these people have worked with it for years at Martlesham Heath.

The exchanges that are most likely to reach their triggers first are currently Penn(49%), Kesgrave(48%) and Harrowden(43%).
Rank Exchange Name Registrations Trigger Last Change
1 Kesgrave 169 (48%) 350 Saturday 17 August 2002
2 Pill 154 Not Set Thursday 15 August 2002
3 Westhoughton 142 (40%) 350 Saturday 17 August 2002
4 Hillside 138 Not Set Saturday 17 August 2002
5 Goring 136 Not Set Thursday 15 August 2002
6 Hawkwell 135 (19%) 700 Saturday 17 August 2002
7 Alton 134 Not Set Saturday 17 August 2002
8 Worle 128 (32%) 400 Thursday 15 August 2002
9 Irby 128 (32%) 400 Friday 16 August 2002
10 Davidson Mains 115 (28%) 400 Wednesday 14 August 2002


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