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BT Openworld is passing on registration data

On of the enigmas of the registration scheme is the apparent lack of increases in the demand levels after people have registered with the ISP BT Openworld.

Marko Scholey, one of our forum members, has finally got a reply out of BT Openworld on the issue from Caroline Sheridan - Head of Consumer Broadband in BT Openworld. The reply states that BT Openworld is taking part in the registration scheme and the last update was sent to BT Wholesale on the 19th July, with another batch going to BT Wholesale later this week.

This explains once and for all why people aren't seeing immediate or next day rises in the BT Wholesale tracker after registering with BT Openworld. This also finally explains the mysterious jump in demand that happened a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully we will see a similar jump in demand once BT Wholesale get the next bulk batch from BT Openworld.


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