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Week 5 - is reality biting?

It's the first weekend of August and time for another top 10 pre-registration exchange list.

Pembury has dropped from number 2 to number 4 this week with both Hillside and Goring now breaking the 100 registrations mark - although no trigger has been set and it is hard to see how well they are proceeding.

The reality this week is that it appears those exchanges without triggers may be getting them set, the official tracker at is showing some new triggers under the 'Can I get it?' section but these aren't showing up via the 'Check Registration Levels' link. This anomaly was reported to BT on Friday and subsequently the trigger levels disappeared. However, on Saturday they came back agian.

If the levels are correct then Penn, which currently has 67 registrations, is one third of the way to the 200 registrations required, so possibly in another 10 weeks (mid October) at the current rate the exchange could proceed into the next stage - the 6 week order phase. Lady Luck isn't so good with other exchanges - Seaton Delaval (map) looks set to have a trigger of 750 set, the population is just 3,800!

Rank Exchange Registrations Trigger Last Change
1 Pill 129 Not Set Saturday 03 August 2002
2 Hillside 114 Not Set Saturday 03 August 2002
3 Goring 101 Not Set Saturday 03 August 2002
4 Pembury 95 Not Set Saturday 03 August 2002
5 Kesgrave 91 350 Saturday 03 August 2002
6 Worle 81 400 Saturday 03 August 2002
7 Irby 81 400 Sunday 04 August 2002
8 Combe Down 77 400 Saturday 03 August 2002
9 Alton 74 Not Set Saturday 03 August 2002
10 Newhaven 71 350 Saturday 03 August 2002

The full list can be seen here.

Our tracker has had some enhancements - we now display the top 5 exchanges on the front page and the actual tracker page is split into sections of 100 exchanges to make page opening times faster. The 'Last Change' column shows the date on which we last detected a change (either the number of registrations or the trigger) for a specific exchange.


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