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Second class users?

If you are with BT Openworld it appears that way. According to information passed to ADSLguide, BT Openworld are planning improvements in the response times on ADSL faults, but only for businesses! Specifically, when an engineer is required on the users premises, someone will be available to go out on the same day if the appointment is booked before 1pm, or if after 1pm, during the first appointment slot the following day (8-10:30am). This is a big improvement in response times, but it only affects users who have purchased Ethernet products, which in reality, relates to mainly business users.

What will this mean to residential user? Well, most probably, when an engineer is required on site to fix the problem, a delay in actually getting someone out as business users have priority over the appointment slots.

When we quizzed BT Openworld about this, the spokesperson informed us,

"We are currently looking at a number of initiatives as part of our drive to improve customer experience for both business and residential customers. We are hiring more staff generally into the BT Openworld helpdesk, to improve the service level for all our customers. Therefore we expect to improve response time for both business and consumer customers.

The onus will be on BT Openworld to show that they can improve residential fault clear-up times as well.. We have yet to be persuaded this will not impact negatively on home users.


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