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Week 4 and what a difference

This week saw a massive upturn in the figures shown by the BT checker. The first exchange to break 100 registrations and a couple more nudging the 100 mark. The current top 10 is shown below:
Exchange Name Trigger Level (If Set) No. Registrations
Pill   127 
Pembury   94 
Hillside Barnt Green   94 
Kesgrave 350  84 
Goring   73 
Worle 400  73 
Coombe Down 400  73 
Alton   71 
Fernhill Heath 400  67 
Newhaven 350  67 

The full list of almost 500 exchanges that we are monitoring can be see here.

The figures are very telling in that five out of the top 10 dont have a trigger level set yet. At the current rate of growth the Kesgrave exchange could hit its trigger level in another 3-4 months.

Interest in broadband is obviously high - from our exchange data page we have received over 850 listing submissions in less than 24 hours. Unfortunately this interest is scattered around the country but at present it would seem sensible for BT Wholesale to perhaps start looking at the top 15 exchanges and start to get hardware on order.


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