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Pipex: Uphill or downhill?

After many months there is still no end in sight for hapless individuals whose connection is not running smoothly, Trying to get hold of Pipex by phone is at last getting a little better, but as for email, fax etc forget it.

Agreed, many of the ills that beset the user are not down to Pipex themselves but to their suppliers BT, never the less it is Pipex who have to arrange for BT to take action.

Update: Pipex has now identified the problem with the double credit card payment problem - a credit card payment file dated 5th to 8th April 2002 had been processed twice by Barclays Merchant Services. Barclays are going to rerun this file now to process the refunds which may take a few days. David Rickards (Pipex MD) post on the matter can be seen here.

Original post:The latest upset is double payments on credit card payments. Have you been charged twice in one month? Pipex MD Mr David Rickards, is currently investigating and would like to hear from anybody who feels that this may have happened to them. [icarus]


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