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General ADSL lethargy

The number of users with either sync problems or slow connections has shot up in the last few days. As far as we are aware no official generic fault has been raised by BT Wholesale - but from the cross ISP nature it appears that either a piece of fibre or possibly an ATM switch is performing below par.

It also appears that there is a spate of users who've had lines working for sometime losing sync, e.g. Windows reports No Dial Tone, or the ADSL LED starts to flash rather than a nice steady green. In the first instance users should check whether anything has changed at their end, i.e. has someone plugged an unfiltered phone in or has a lead become unplugged.

A short troubleshooting section exists here. The bt_test login is very useful and if you navigate to the site, the video should play at around 300kbps if your line is working OK.


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