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BBC lets broadband users have a say

BBC News Online currently has a 'Have your say' item on broadband in the UK allowing readers to post their comments. It appears the item was inspired by somebodies experience with BT Openworld's helpdesk and their self-install DSL connection.

Mike Smartt ordered a BT Openworld self-install option, but hit the classic problem of 'no sync' showing on the modem. This is a recognisable experience to lots of people who have phoned various ADSL ISP helpdesks and Mike ended up going nowhere fast. Then, in a flash of inspiration, Mike swapped around his micro-filters and away he went into the fast lane. Moral of the story - don't rely upon the helpdesks! Try the various options and permutations open to you, e.g. no phones, one micro-filter at a time, perhaps even no filters and disconnecting extra extensions.

The interesting part of the article is what the readers have sent back in response. Users from around the world seem to be saying that this isn't unique, and at the same time, smashing the illusion that all is much greener in the rest of the world. A UK may be a backwater perhaps, but at least a lot of our problems seem to common to other countries.


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