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Oftel publishes the interconnect ruling

In a lengthy but informative document, Oftel has published the full details of their ruling on the Thus/Energis request from BT for xDSL interconnection. The full document can be read at Oftel's Website.

Around one third the way down is a good diagram showing what the interconnect process is (figure 2), essentially it is so that other providers can connect their own back haul network to BT ATM switches at a relatively low cost. This means it should be possible to cover wide areas of the DSL enabled exchanges to provide services. The speeds of connection will still be 0.5,1 and 2 Mbps since the same connections are available to customers.

The document also states that BT has 84 days to start a SDSL trial, this will also have to offer contention down as low as one to one.

Congratulations to any of you with the time to read the complete document - if people discover any gems feel free to post them in our forums.


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