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The Numbers Game!

People are often enquiring about the number of users on various ISPs and the total of broadband users in the UK. Here are some statistics for those that want them:

Oftel reports that the UK has over 600,000 broadband connections (cable and DSL) and this figure is growing at an estimated rate of 20,000 per week. This suggests the number of DSL users is between 250,000 and 300,000 at present.

BT Openworld has just announced its 100,000th consumer, a Mr Winch from Manchester who is lucky enough to get a day out for two to the British Grand Prix. BT Openworld also have over 61,600 business broadband customers

The latest announced figure we have from Pipex, was that they have over 21,000 customers on DSL and growing.

If any other ISPs have figures they'd like to publish then let us know - it would be interesting to see how the market is split at present. Simply email [email protected].

With the rate of growth in DSL customers as high as it is, the importance of ISPs building quality customer support teams is greater than ever. When this doesnt happen we see the effects in our forums.

ISP's are certainly trying to win business at present, Demon have just launched their Demon Express Solo product at £24.99 (inc VAT) which includes a static IP address. This suggests Demon are finally trying to move into the consumer DSL arena.


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