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Defra publish updated RCBF coverage estimates

With all the excitement that arose due to the Prime Minister appearing at the official opening of the Gigaclear FTTP network in Northmoor last week it is perhaps only right that DEFRA should update its coverage figures of the RCBF scheme released earlier in August 2014.

The headline is that once project builds that are under way are included to provide 2014/2015 figures some 2,808 homes, 460 business premises and 1 other type of premise will have benefited. This is probably the sum total of what will be reported by DEFRA, since the 17 local authorities that got some extra money earlier in 2014 will include their figures in the larger BDUK roll-out where DCMS publish the overall figures.

  2013/2014 in year 2014/2015 in year
Community Project Domestic premises Business premises Other Premises Domestic premises Business premises Other Premises
Rothbury (FTTC) 1,430 107 0 0 0 0
Fell End (FTTP/H) 29 29 0 0 0 0
Northmoor & Bablockhythe (FTTP/H) 0 0 0 518 4 1
Tove Valley (5GHz WiFi) 0 0 0 423 173 0
Fibre GarDen (FTTP/H) 0 0 0 408 147 0
Total all projects 1,459 136 0 1,349 324 1

The Gigaclear project in Northmoor and Bablockhythe we believe had £186,000 of funding via the RCBF and this was matched by Gigaclear to give a cost £718 per property passed, and as around 100 premises were not previously able to get broadband at all this will make a big difference to people and along with the other symmetric Gigabit coverage from Gigaclear present in the area this may make central Oxford look like the poor brother broadband wise.


In Northmoor, Gigaclear charges a £100 connection fee, but then you still have to physically connect to the fibre in the street. Boxcom charges £95 for the first 17m (15m lawn, 2m paved) of that connection, and more beyond, though you can do it yourself.

That builds up the cost per property connected.

  • WWWombat
  • over 6 years ago

It also transfer's the aggro and the cost of the last X meters away from the network operator and onto the subscriber.
...just another way that GC can keep the costs to them down and get the figures/finances to work.

Apparently a much higher number than expected are DIY'ing it rather than paying Boxom. It is anyway the same preterminated kit that boxcom install as those who DIY it get to install themselves.

  • mdar5
  • over 6 years ago

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