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No Fuel!

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2000 1:00 AM
An article at Thereg states the following:

"ADSL appointments have been put on hold until Friday 22 September because of the fuel shortage." How true this is, I do not know, but it does seem in keep with many other companies offering only emergancy repairs etc.

This may come as bad news for many people who have recently signed up, or are about to. However, I personally do hope that these fuel shortages continue so that the UK's economy may come in line with that of other countries in the EU and around the world through this reduction in tax. Maybe Mr. Blair will stop lieing to us (yes it is approximatly 60p out of every 80p as tax on fuel, and no, variations in oil price do not effect it as greatly as he makes out (it is risidual in comparance to the tax). Lets hope the blockades continue until we get a reduction in the tax.

Please see: PetrolBusters for information on fuel status in your area.


Comment from me (Carl):
Although i cant speak for the other staff here on ADSLguide, i have to add my support to the protestors. Why? When you pay almost the same ammount of fuel duty as income tax and national insurance combined (just for going to work and back) you will too :)


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