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More new ADSL hardware.

It seems manufacturers are getting more and more products out onto the market both in the UK and the rest of the world. Thomson/Alcatel and Solwise have a new batch of ADSL modems appearing shortly.

Thomson who we know better as Alcatel and their venerable stingray are due to release 3 new modems at the SupperComm show in Atlanta USA next week, the devices are:
Speedtouch 330 a USB ADSL modem with Windows and Max OS 8.6, 9.0 & X and Linux support. This one looks more like a mouse! and is likely to be the successor to the stingray.
Speedtouch 530 both a USB and ethernet ADSL modem, which can run both interfaces at the same time. Aimed at the home network market.
Speedtouch 610 an ethernet modem aimed squarely at the business sector with IPSec VPN support, SNMP remote management and integrated firewall. It even claims a fail proof setup wizard.

We don't have pricing for these devices at this time, once units are available we would hope to be able to review them.

Solwise have released the SAR715 onto the market at £141 inc VAT, in it's current clothing it is a 4 port (10/100BaseT) version of the SAR703 which we have previously reviewed. The interesting part is that a major firmware upgrade is due in the next week or so - this is destined to add a complete new OS to the router with such drool inducing features as IPsec VPN, L2TP & PPTP VPN support, full intrusion detection firewall, UPnP and support for a large number of applications including Netmeeting (H323), Net2Phone, CUSeeMe in addition to the normal apps.

Once the new firmware is available we should be reviewing this modem, lets hope it impresses us as much as the feature list suggests for the price.


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