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More Exchanges Ready...

BT have announced today that an additional 17 exchanges (out of the 100 due to be completed by the end of this month) are now enabled and ready to take ADSL orders. They are as follows:

Chalfont St Giles (SMCG)
Kidlington (SMKI)
Eversley (THEV)
Heathfield (NDHEA)
Flitwick (SMFK)
Littlewick Green (THLG)
Werrington (EMWERRI)
Radstock (SSRAD)
Hailsham (SDHLSHM)
Woburn Sands (SMWS)
Rhyl (WNRE)
Cranleigh (THCN)
Wisbech (EMWSBCH)
Radford (CMRAD)
Trowbridge (SSTRO)
Kirkcaldy (ESKIR)

This brings the total number of enabled exchanges to approximately 1,032.


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