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Progress on Fujitsu Exchange Hardware Problems

BT Wholesale have informed ISP's that work has been undertaken during the last weeks that fixes the problem for users connecting to a 2nd generation Fujitsu line card. Users with the 1st generation hardware at the exchange have a fix on the way, it has been tested and is due for rollout within the next 2 weeks and in theory starts from 30th April ( Upgrade schedule ).

A little more background on the two problems:

1st Generation
Users connected to the earlier type of line card who have a high upstream margin ( some ADSL modems will display the margins for you - in general the higher the margin the more stable the line should be ) may experience the line card locking up and be able to connect to their service provider and we presume the bt_test accounts. A manual reset via the ISP and BT should get the user running again.

The fix will result in a short outage on each exchange and to help people determine whether an outage is due to this upgrade or a different bug we have listed the affected exchanges in our announcements forum. The actual work will be done between 11pm and 7pm in an attempt to alleviate the disruption. If your exchange is on this list and after 7am the following morning you still have no access report it your ISP, telling them the exchange was having the Fujitsu fix applied.

2nd Generation
Some 'USB' modems were affected and not recognised by the exchange hardware, whether this truly means just USB modems or includes some PCI/Ethernet based modems is unclear. The situation was that the line card would lock up and not give you any access again.


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