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2Mbit not fast enough?

Many people may be wondering if the local loop unbundling (LLU) is moving forward. The last I remember hearing of it was some complaints from a certain operator, following the recent BT price reductions at the end of February. Not all operators are dragging their heals and blaming BT though, as Easynet have released the full pricing for their LLU product range and information on the exchanges that are to be enabled.

Topping in speed wise is the 8Mbit downstream (768Kbps upstream) ADSL circuit, and at a price of £3,588.00 per year! A 4Mbit circuit (768Kbps upstream) is comparable to many ISPs original offerings for the BT provided 2Mbit circuits at £2388.00 per year. I'd be cautious to note that the initial setup fee is not cheap, coming in at a whopping £995, so this product is obviously being targeted at business who have money to burn.

Not stopping there, for the same price you could alternatively get a 1Mbit SHDSL connection giving you the same speed up and down, and add in the extra cost of ISDN backup for an additional £995 setup, and an extra £595 annually for a service level guarantee, and you have a product comparable to a leased line, with ISDN backup, for less than half the price. The 2Mbit SHDSL would cost you £3588 annually which is a lot less than compared with the leased line alternative (..looking at about £7000 install for the fibre and approx. £11250 annually in the central London area).

The full range of products can be seen on our ISP list here, and more information on the exchanges that are, and will be enabled is available on the Easynet website. The one question left to ask is where are the other LLU operators?


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