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New Installation Failures..

Following our last announcement with regards the new line failures, we have learned of further steps being taken by BT to fix these problems. There appear to be two issues and the cause of these problems is due to Fujitsu line cards in the exchange, affecting a third of new modems and a "proportion" of the existing customer base.

There are two generations of Fujitsu cards, and both seem to be affected with differing problems. There has been no mention of any problems affecting Alcatel line cards. The first generation cards are causing problems to users with high upstream margins (i.e. high dB reading on the upstream portion of the line). As a user tries to connect, the line card locks up and will not accept connections through it. This requires a reset to be done by BT in order for the user to be able to connect again.

A temporary solution to this problem has been introduced consisting of a script written to automatically reset a port on the line card if it is found to be inactive, which is run hourly. This only takes place on the cards with the high upstream levels, so if you find that you are having problems connecting up and know or think that you have a high upstream margin (some routers / modems can give you the figures), then unplug the modem/router and wait an hour to see if it automatically resets itself. If not, get on to your ISP! The permenant solution is being tested for implementation, hopefully, in early May.

The second generation cards have a seperate compatibility issue with some USB modems in failing to recognise the modem. There has been no mention of Ethernet routers or which modem are actually affected here. When the user tries to connect they find that the line card locks up and the connection fails. The solution for this (new code for these line cards) is being tested at the moment and hopefully to be deployed by the end of April. Any new orders being placed which are to be connected to these 2nd generation cards should get an install / activation date for a time after the permenant solution has been implemented. There is no mention of a temporary solution here so those already on these cards may have problems stretching for a couple of weeks yet!

A spokesperson for Eclipse Internet said:

"We are relieved that BT are investigating and resolving the problems which have been affecting some ADSL end users.

"On the other hand we are aware that the delay in setting up some new users will be problematic for both ISPs and customers - especially as many ISPs are now beginning their BT funded ADSL marketing campaigns!!

The reported problems are likely to cause many upset users as their newly installed circuits do not work, and may not for a while. Other users ordering may have extended waits delaying their broadband experience.

Eclipse also indicated plans to put a hold to their marketing plan until after these problems have been resolved.


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