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Alcatel Upgrade to improve stability

A little bit more information has leaked out about the Alcatel DSLAM firmware upgrades.

The upgrades "are neccessary because of the programme of upgrades that is part of a phased approach to improve Alcatel Network Stability & End User performance. The benefits will be removal of current intermittent problems and increased overall Network performace."

This sounds like it may possibly refer to some of the issues users are seeing where their new connection works for a while and then dies for both ISP login and the bt_test login. Certainly an issue on just one particular range of DSLAM's would explain why some people have no problems and people in other areas are running quite happily. The reason it may not be affecting users who've had connections for a couple of months or more is that we may be on older style line cards, that are running a stable set of firmware possibly?

With reports emerging that possibly upto 50% of new activations are affected by reliability issues at present it's about time BT Wholesale released some information into the public domain - rather than users having to rely on leaked information.


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