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Ben Verwaayens announcements today have covered a lot of areas and discussion of the content and how the direction of broadband may change. As a result of this in the UK will roll on for some time. Some more interesting comments can be found though.

It appears that BT is planning over time to use DSL to link PC's, telephony, interactive TV and more. This fact was probably one of the overriding decisions for the way the ATM network that is used for ADSL in the UK has been laid out, since an ATM network makes it relatively easy to other different levels of service, e.g. Video On Demand over ADSL, as currently provided by people like HomeChoice relies on constant bit rates been delivered, whereas general internet access is happy with variable bit rates. In other words with time we will see a convergence of devices and the question now is how long before ADSL modems appear in the UK which have Voice Over DSL gateways built in, the big advantage been you can run multiple phone numbers over a single pair of copper wires, whilst also running an internet connection and possibly a video phone as well.

I think what we are seeing from BT today is more vision than we have seen for some time - the past few years have been BT reacting to events, now BT are wanting to cross-over and again be the ones dictating the course of events. They've remained at the forefront of developing all the technology, but it has often been slow to market place or just not appearred at all.


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