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BT's Connection Only Service

One of the things that is surfacing yet again from todays BT press releases is the launch of a "direct" access-only broadband product under the BT Retail umbrella, i.e. seperate from BT Openworld, since it requires and provides no ISP services.

The product it will be based around the wholesale product which is BTCentral Plus something we mentioned in our news on 13th March 2002, as seen in the announcements forum here, todays official news on it is here.

This new product would mean that the a subscriber to the service would have to obtain their email services etc from elsewhere, e.g. Hotmail etc. As one hasnt seen the network layout for it yet, one can only guess that it is likely that the connection will emerge from the BT ATM network out onto BTnet as a TCP/IP connection, so whilst it will be ideal as an entry level connection only product, the stability for online gamers may not be the best, i.e. ISP's offering dedicated gaming servers etc will still have a place.

The one unanswered question is how low is the price of the BT Central Plus product since this will decide the price that it will be sold to consumers at.


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