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BT Announce 100 extra ADSL exchanges

BT have annouced the ADSL rollout to another 100 exchanges this morning, the addition of these exchanges is said to be down to a reassessment of demand after the recent price decreases.

The full list of 100 exchanges can be seen here. Statistics wise BT state that this brings the number of households covered to 16 million i.e. ~66% of UK households. 50 new cities and towns will be added to the coverage map, with the remaining 50 exchanges filling in some of the gaps in existing towns - e.g. Worcester Central.

There is also news for those people who are hitting capacity issues on existing exchanges, BT have stated that they are adding extra capacity to meet the increased demand. The demand level itself is increasing, BTwholesale are now seeing 10,000 orders a week and this is still a rising curve.

This news is going to please some people, but of course there will be those still outside the coverage areas, all one can say is continue to show demand for the service and get other people interested, since BT say that they are reviewing a further 500 exchanges which are likely to be the next ones upgraded, and we can expect further announcements in the summer. For those people on the smaller or currently low demand exchanges BT are looking at hardware that can serve smaller exchanges.

For people wanting to see the full BT press release it is available here


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