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Those Demons Strike Again

It appears that one ADSL trial user has been connected to ADSL through Demon Internet, but has been getting a service that has been classed as "glorified 24/7 email." Web browsing and downloading of files was reported to be worse than that on a now standard 56k modem.

The user, and Demon expect that it is due to a faulty router supplied by BT, however, after 11 weeks and over 70 phone calls, Demon have been able to accomplish little more than pass this customer around various people at Demon, with unfullfilled promises of call backs.

Out of pure generosity Demon will only be charging the user for one month out of the three, for a service that can hardly even be defined as a service.

Demon have also not been to quick to defend themselves, with the following statements being agreed upon by Demon staff:

"Demon have been incompetent dealing with my complaints.
Demon don't really care about residential customers anymore as the business customers are more profitable.
My treatment by Demon re these problems has been appalling.
I was right to do an indemnity claim and claim back the money Demon took for this 'service.'"

The whole grueling story has been documented on a site that the user has setup called Staticnet.

Please feel free to report any Demon (or other ISP) horror stories to our message boards.


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