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The ISP's keep coming...

  • Wednesday, February 27, 2002 11:03 AM
More ISP's are releasing their pricing it's quite interesting to see where different ISP's are fitting themselves in.

[Last Night] Freeserve released some pricing info £29.99 inc VAT for the Home service, believe it may be a 12 month contract, and it's unclear whether they insist you buy the modem off them @ £199 which appears to include the activation fee.

[11:00] BTopenworld have finally announced a self-install product as well - this pricing has been confirmed by BTopenworld as of 1pm with the official press release. The current £39.99 service will drop to £29.99 from 1st April for both home and business users. The reductions in the Office 20:1 products are £20/month for 500Plus and £10/month on the 1Mbps and 2Mbps products.
It appears the the Plug & Go package (BTO's name for wires-only) will be available from March 5th, with an activation fee of £65, but this is free up until May 31st. Monthly costs £29.99 again with a minimum term of 12 months and an optional one-off equipment charge of £85 ie. an ADSL and two microfilters. Home users will get the Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem and Business 500 users get an Intel Pro/DSL 3220 USB modem.
NOTE:To qualify for free activation you must purchase the modem package.

[12:22] Houxou have confirmed reductions in line with BT. Prices now:

Product New Price
Home 500 USB £29+vat
Network 500 £75+vat
Network 1000 £110+vat
Network 2000 £140+vat

[15:30] Custom Access have released new pricing. In addition to the pricing below they are running a first months rental free offer.

Product Price per month
Broadband SOHO 500 £27.50+vat
Broadband Office 500 £79+vat
Broadband Office 1000 £129+vat

[15:30] - Available 1st March! Timewarp have sent out their press release with their new pricing.

Product Price
Wires-only Home 500 £29.75+vat
Activation £45+vat


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