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The ISP's start to reply...

At this stage it should be remembered that the prices aren't in effect and wont come into play until April 2002. There are other issues (OFTEL, etc.) which need to be taken into account, although we don't believe the UK government would want to oppose BT's price reduction.

[09:22] Eclipse was first to to announce it's intentions to us with their Home500Lite product dropping from £33/month+VAT to £22.75+VAT (£26.73inc VAT).

[09:32] Andrews & Arnold have indicated that pending the cuts becoming effective on 1st April the Home services will see a £10+VAT/month cut and a £20+VAT cut for the other products. These will apply to new and existing customers.

[10:07] Griffin have released pricing info for their whole range:

Service Old Price New Price
CopperStream Home £32.50+VAT £22.50+VAT
CopperStream Office 500 £75+VAT £55+VAT
CopperStream Office 1000 £100+VAT £80+VAT
CopperStream Office 2000 £125+VAT £105+VAT
CopperStream USB £42.50+VAT £22.50+VAT, £155 install
Griffin confirmed that pricing changes will apply to new and existing customers from 1st April 2002.

[10:15] C2 Internet have announced a business lite product 50:1 contention 512kbps, with a block of 5 useable IP address's at £45+VAT per month. The full business pricing is shown below with an across the board £20 cut.
Service New Price
Business 20:1 512K £70+VAT
Business 20:1 1024K £120+VAT
Business 20:1 2048K £195+VAT

[11:03] Timewarp have informed us that all their current ADSL prices will be reduced in line with today's announcements - they are awaiting the official price list prior to announcing full details.

[12:09] Mailbox have released the following prices:
Service New Price Install fee
Home 500 £29+VAT £60+VAT
Business 20:1 500 £75+VAT £60+VAT
Business 20:1 1000 £112+VAT £60+VAT
Business 20:1 2000 £165+VAT £60+VAT
Standard 500 USB £29+VAT £160+VAT
Business Connect 500 USB £80+VAT £160+VAT
Business Connect 1000 USB £117+VAT £270+VAT
Business Connect 2000 USB £170+VAT £270+VAT

[12:11] Pipex have announced the lowest price so far at £19.95 ex VAT, i.e. £23.44 inc VAT for the Xtreme Solo product.

[12:37] Freedom-2-Surf have announced the following cuts (setup: £59.99+vat)
Service New Price (excl. vat) Old price/discount
Home 500 (residential) £19.15/mo ~£10 off
Home 500 (business) £22.50/mo ~£10 off
Office 500 £180/qtr £240
Office 1000 £285/qtr £345
Office 2000 £420/qtr £480

[12:39] BTopenworld have announced that a price cut will happen for existing customers and they will shortly be announcing a wires-only (self-install).

[13:54] Centrica/OneTel have announced price decrease to £25.53+vat for their home and business "plug & play" package.

[14:01] Power Internet Ltd. have announced extremely low prices for long term contract packages. Details in table below. This breaks the £20 incl. VAT (£17.02 excl.) barrier on 24 month contract - Setup Charge £45+VAT

Service + Contract Monthly
(ex vat.)
(ex vat.)
(ex vat.)
2 yrs
(ex vat.)
3 months £27.73 £78.33 - -
6 months £26.26 £73.89 - -
12 months £24.78 £69.48 £246 -
24 months £22.77 £63.45 £222 £408.48
6 months - £240.30 - -
12 months - £231.30 £860.40 -
24 months - £223.20 £828 £1584
6 months - £320.40 - -
12 months - £308.40 £1148 -
24 months - £297.60 £1104 £2112

[awaiting] Zen Internet will be reducing their current ADSL pricing in line with the cuts from BTwholesale and this will apply to both new and existing customers. The full details will be released by Zen in the near future.

[15:29] PlusNet have released their pricing also:

Product Current Price New Price
Home (annual contract) £30 (£35.25inc VAT) £19.57 (£22.99 inc VAT)
Home (monthly contract) £35.08 (£41.13inc VAT) £22.12 (£25.99 inc VAT)
NetStart (50:1 for business) £50+vat £40+vat
Office 500 £75+vat £55+vat
Office 1000 £110+vat £90+vat
Office 2000 £130+vat £110+vat

There is also an annual contract option for Home 500 with the activation spread over the first 12 months of £29.38 inc VAT.



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