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The ISP's start to reply...

At this stage it should be remembered that the prices arent in effect and wont come into play until April 2002.

[09:22] The first ISP to announce it's intentions to us was Eclipse with their Home500Lite product dropping from £33/month+VAT to £22.75+VAT (£26.73inc VAT).

[09:32] Andrews & Arnold have indicated that pending the cuts becoming effective on 1st April the Home services will see a £10+VAT/month cut and a £20+VAT cut for the other products. These will apply to new and existing customers.

[10:07] Griffin have released pricing info for their whole range:
Service Old Price New Price
CopperStream Home £32.50+VAT £22.50+VAT
CopperStream Office 500 £75+VAT £55+VAT
CopperStream Office 1000 £100+VAT £80+VAT
CopperStream Office 2000 £125+VAT £105+VAT
CopperStream USB £42.50+VAT £22.50+VAT, £155 install
Griffin confirmed that pricing changes will apply to new and existing customers from 1st April 2002.

[10:15] C2 Internet have announced a business lite product 50:1 contention 512kbps, with a block of 5 useable IP address's at £45+VAT per month. The full business pricing is shown below with an across the board £20 cut.
Service New Price
Business 20:1 512K £70+VAT
Business 20:1 1024K £120+VAT
Business 20:1 2048K £195+VAT

[11:03] Timewarp have informed us that all their current ADSL prices will be reduced in line with todays announcements - they are awaiting the official price list prior to announcing full details.

[12:09] Mailbox have released the following prices:
Service New Price Install fee
Home 500 £29+VAT £60+VAT
Business 20:1 500 £75+VAT £60+VAT
Business 20:1 1000 £112+VAT £60+VAT
Business 20:1 2000 £165+VAT £60+VAT
Standard 500 USB £29+VAT £160+VAT
Business Connect 500 USB £80+VAT £160+VAT
Business Connect 1000 USB £117+VAT £270+VAT
Business Connect 2000 USB £170+VAT £270+VAT

[12:11] Pipex have announced the lowest price so far at £19.95 ex VAT, i.e. £23.44 inc VAT for the Xtreme Solo product.

[12:37] Freedom-2-Surf have announced the following cuts (setup: £59.99)
Service New Price (excl. vat) Old price/discount
Home 500 (residential) £19.15/mo ~£10 off
Home 500 (business) £22.50/mo ~£10 off
Office 500 £180/qtr £240
Office 1000 £285/qtr £345
Office 2000 £420/qtr £480

[12:39] BTopenworld have announced that a price cut will happen for existing customers and they will shortly be announcing a wires-only (self-install).



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