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The Matrix closes..

One of our favourite internet news sites has closed this evening, The site was an informative and often entertaining source of news which will be missed.
In a statement on their site, the editor, Paul Bartlett says:

"We're sad to announce that we are closing down The Matrix after a run of 12 months. The main reason for this decision is our lack of time to dedicate to the project - you've probably noticed the distinct lack of regular articles lately. Unfortunately, since this situation is not liable to change in the near future, we decided to shut down the site before readership figures started to drop of their own accord. Sniff.

Thanks go to Chris, Wes, Vincent, all of our past contributors, DSVR (our excellent Webhost), Debbie & Chris at Maximum PC, Net4Nowt, ISPReview, and all of the lazy journalist hacks that nicked our news stories (you cheeky monkeys). A big 'up yours' to BT Internet (give me ADSL you bastards), Altavista (you lying hounds) and Callnet 0800 (disinformation eh?).

Thanks for reading. Keep it real. Or something.
--The Editor "

We at ADSLguide wish the team good luck (no chance you'll change your mind?) in any future projects.


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