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Improved broadband coverage on Anglesey

The Isle of Anglesey has had a wireless broadband service fed by the FibreSpeed network available for a while, and now extra work on the current antenna located at Parc Cybi, Holyhead should improve coverage of the service.

Fibrespeed is a fibre backbone that runs across North Wales for some 200 miles and offers fourteen access points, of which Parc Cybi is just one. A number of business parks have direct access to the fibre, but the use of wireless on Anglesey makes it faster to connect up to the service. Some eight providers sell access to the network, AB Internet, Carrier Wales, exwavia, FibreWales, Netserve Consultants Ltd, Pinacl Solutions UK Ltd, Talk Internet and Vaioni Global Communications.

Taking exwavia as an example, the setup fee of £833 + VAT will put a lot of people off, but if your broadband service is currently at 2Mbps or slower you may well be eligable for support under the Wales Broadband Support Scheme which can give a grant of up to £1,000 to individuals, communities and SME's. The 4 Mbps service costs £20 per month, rising to £38 per month if you elect for the 14 Mbps product.


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