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Can BTopenworld process users cease requests?

This is the question many of the ADSL users who are trying to cease their accounts with BTopenworld are asking, either to move to a new address with no ADSL, or to switch ISP's or to plain give up on ADSL.

So whats the problem, well it seems from the various tales users are telling us that with BTopenworld you request a cease for a certain date, but the username may be ceased before that date and then they forget to tell BTwholesale to actually cease the connection. This will hold up the reprovision of an ADSL service via another ISP. Even where it appears a cease has been issued and kit collected from end-users it appears that the paperwork hasnt been sent correctly to BTwholesale. BTopenworld in some cases have continued to bill users who've cancelled the connection after the 12 month minimum term, the problems are not confined solely to people trying to exit BTopenworld prior to completion of the minimum term.

The area of ceases to an existing service is due to become a major issue soon, with lots of people perhaps wanting to migrate to other ISP's or higher speed connections, or migrating to the wires-only services. Currently it looks like it takes at least a month from the agreed cease date for BTopenworld to have got the paperwork sorted - users are variously told that there are large backlogs in the BTopenworld cease department.

The quesion is who is holding up the ceases? BTwholesale seem capable of processing them smoothly from other ISP's. The whole procedure leaves a nasty taste and until it's sorted people are going to be reticent about taking out an ADSL contract.


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