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ADSL Modem with UPnP support

People who are starting to use ethernet based ADSL modems are finding it's more and more of a problem to configure all the various bits of software to work 100% behind a NAT device.

A standard has been developed to help in this respect and that is UPnP - and a new ADSL modem is on the way that supports this standard and may make things easier for people - it is the Speed Touch 510 ADSL Ethernet Router priced at £179+VAT from It should be available in January according to the site.

The 510 looks to be replacement for the ageing Speedtouch Pro, and for the £179 you get a built in firewall as well, a 4 port switch version if available for £10 more. Correspondingly the price of the Speedtouch Pro has dropped to £169 for the single port model. UPnP can be read about on it's site at

Also DSLSource are an instock source for micro-filters one is shown here, it is £11.05+VAT = £12.98, unfortunately postage comes in at £7.50, so only attractive if buying a modem at the same time.


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