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Consumer interest in ADSL

Oftel today have released a research report showing findings of their "Residential Consumer Survey" which shows consumers' awareness, usage and attitudes towards telecommunications.

I quote

"What’s the potential interest in ADSL services?

4.3 Awareness of ADSL was generally quite low which is unsurprising given that it is not yet widely available, nor likely to be marketed to consumers under the name ADSL. However, home Internet users were more likely to have heard of ADSL services and expressed greater interest in these services. 68% said they would be interested in faster Internet access compared with only 26% of consumers generally. Interest was highest amongst heavy and longer-established users.

4.4 Home Internet users also expressed greater interest in video on demand and interactive games and services, than consumers generally. But despite greater levels of awareness and interest in using ADSL services, they were not willing to pay any more for these than the average consumer – about £13 per month."

This indicates that those prices currently charged for ADSL services are more than three times the price that consumers are willing to pay. The report proves that popularity for these services is high, but BT are not meeting the requirements by charging a low price that is desired by consumers. If BT were to retail ADSL at £13/month they would be set to see a substantial reduction in profits and are loss in sales of ISDN and second phone lines.

It is about time someone brought out a high speed solution that consumers are willing to pay for.

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