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BadTrans.B Virus - an update

BTopenworld have released a statement on the impact of this virus variant.

"Over the weekend BTOW became aware of a possible problem with a new type of virus infecting a small number of emails being sent from [email protected] All email distribution was halted and extensive virus checks were carried out. These uncovered a new version of the BadTrans virus, which has been subsequently reported by online media as an Internet wide problem. Only a small number of customers were affected. Action is being taken to increase levels of security.

However, the number and frequency of these viruses continues to increase and presents a problem for all Internet users, no matter how up to date their virus guards are. BTOW will continue to review the use of virus guards and work with suppliers."

The Register ran an item on the virus today which is here and Message Labs have a report on it here. So far 29% of the reports logged by Message Labs are from the domain and 2% from domain - which puts BTopenworld very much at the top of the list.


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