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BTopenworld update

BTopenworld have releaed an update of information on their site. They have said that they have officially launched the Ethernet service on July 24th, with those who have pre-ordered Ethernet ADSL before 30th of June likley to recieve an installation by September / October. For those who pre-ordered USB, an installation by October / November is expected. However, I believe the October date for USB to be a little optimistic.

The site also states that 35% of UK addresses are ready for BTopenworld. (Note, it does not say ADSL, but BTopenworld. Whether this is stated as such for marketing or technical reasons is unknown.) For more information please check the BTopenworld site.

BTopenworld are also 'giving away' 20 Palm Vx's to those who have pre-ordered their service. I am curious to how much of a contract pre-ordering actually binds you.

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