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ISP goes all out on Linux for their Network

Freedom2Surf has today announced that it has switched from it's Cisco routers to a Linux-based infrastructure. The purpose of the move was to look at ways of increasing the data flow through the network.

Apparenly data flow has increased by 10% with the use of Linux, with the main result been that it helps to smooth out the buffering prevalent on streaming media, plus appears to includ e benefits for gaming and online-traders. For one of the smaller but growing ADSL ISP's this is encouraging the home USB product is £39.99 inc VAT with encouraging feedback from users who have subscribed to the service.

This is tempered somewhat by the problems that BTopenworld users are seeing, a new email response is been sent out - identical email to a number of users now - that OS upgrades are in place on the 34Mbps Home Gateways which should improve the situation, and it is in testing for the 155Mbps Home Gateways. Problem is users are still seeing the problem and things are getting worse from four weeks ago, so perhaps rather than fix things maybe the OS upgrade was 4-5 weeks and it has made things worse perhaps. The email talks about the spiking and packet loss but doesnt address the unusual download speeds that appear to be very variable now and appear to vary according to the port number used.


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